Hello there!

This is a blog brought to you by ThinkersBox. ThinkersBox is a company that specializes in cognitive skill set training for children. We believe that in order to help a child learn better, we would first have to understand how the child learns. However having said that, this blog is not created to talk about what we do. It is not about us. What we aim to do with this blog, is to use it as a platform to share with you parents out there some useful resources that would help you understand your child better!

Besides sharing information that will help academically, we would also share some activities that you can do with your child, for example board games recommendations and rainy day activities (stay tuned for that!).

We do hope that you would find these articles and activities useful.

For more information about what we do and the programmes we offer, do visit our website at www.thinkersbox.com.