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Acquisition of the Chinese Language

After reading parental forums and blogs, I’ve realized that helping a child learn Chinese is one of the greatest headaches, especially for English speaking families. While some parents succeed in imparting their Mandarin skills, others find themselves feeling frustrated with the lack of improvement.

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Logical Reasoning and its Benefits

Logical reasoning is the ability to “foresee” implications beyond decisions. Honing this skill promotes active learning, whereby the child would be encouraged to ask good questions that could aid his/her own learning. It is also a skill that helps the child get more engaged in his/her own learning process and promotes making the correct and right decisions (based on reasoning logically).

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Cultivating A Motivated Learner

It is the start of a brand new year with brand new goals and expectations. Some of us parents may have a target list of sorts to keep check on our children’s learning progress. Maybe your checklist for your child is something like this:
  •      Able to read
  •      Able to count until 100
  •      Able to add and subtract
  •      Able to write
  •      Able to spell

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