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Nurture A Brain-Smart Child

brain boosting activities singaporeNurture a BRAIN-SMART child. Activate your child’s key cognitive abilities to help them become FOCUSED and FAST learners!
During the 1.5-hours trial session, your child will engage in hands-on brain boosting activities to help them:
  1. Develop an eye for detail and be more careful in their work
  2. Expand their capacity for remembering and retaining information
  3. Improve their overall levels of focus, concentration and MORE!

At ThinkersBox, we focus on the important aspects of childhood learning. We don’t just aim for your child to get good grades. We prepare your child for the future by arming them with knowledge and techniques to think smarter. Our brain boosting activities help your child gear up for success within and beyond the classroom! An Initial Brain Profile will also be done to help parents discover their child’s potential and performance in the areas of:

  • Visual Observation: how careful is your child in their work?
  • Pictorial Memory: how much information can they currently retain?
  • Auditory Attention: how well can they focus and concentrate on their work?

Are you ready to take the FIRST step to help your child become a FOCUSED, FAST and BRAIN-SMART Learner? Register here for a Fun and Engaging 1.5 hours Trial Session with Brain Boosting Activities NOW!

If you have any questions about our courses, please fill out an online enquiry form below or give us a call anytime.

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