personalised brain training singaporeOur personalised brain training programme in Singapore is a 30-hours intensive cognitive training class (once a week, 1.5 hours per session) designed for children aged 5-12 years old.

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Before the start of our personalised brain training classes in Singapore, all kids will undergo a comprehensive Cognitive Assessment to help us determine their areas of strengths and areas for development. After the assessment, we will review the results with parents to help you understand your kids’ cognitive development potential. Targeted modules will be provided during the cognitive training in Singapore to help your child strengthen and improve their cognitive profile. Throughout the course of the cognitive development programme at our learning centre, parents will receive periodic feedback forms and exclusive bring-home worksheets with notes to provide information on the work being done in class. A post-assessment upon the completion of training will help to evaluate and measure the areas of improvements.

Personalised Cognitive Development Classes in Singapore

At ThinkersBox, we pride ourselves on preparing children for the future. Book-learning and paper qualifications are no longer a guarantor of success after school. What matters most is the ability to think critically, solve problems and develop mental acuity and agility to adapt to different challenging situations. With our specially formulated cognitive development classes at our learning centre, your kids can have the best start in their learning journey. Our scientifically researched cognitive training programs in Singapore help lay intellectual foundations from a young age, which bolsters the chance of skyrocketing their mental capacity. Learning is about so much more than just getting good grades. We evaluate each child’s progress on a holistic and personalised level to ascertain their strengths and areas for improvement. If you have any questions about our personalised brain training classes in Singapore, fill up an online enquiry form below or give us a call today.

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