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What does ThinkersBox do? Can you tell me more about your programme?

We train children in Cognitive Skills – which are fundamental brain skills that help us to receive, process, digest, judge and apply information.

It’s not about the subjects or content. For example, some children are easily distracted or have short attention span, so we train them in their attention skills. Some children make careless mistakes in their work and we train them to be more observant and careful. Or some children can read but are unable to understand what they are reading, then we can help them to build skills to better relate and connect ideas.

Since every child is different, we would need to first assess their learning before we can share what we can do to help your child.

We can arrange an Initial Brain Profile Evaluation to find out how your child is focusing, how careful is he/she in their work and how much information do they retain.

Register for our Initial Brain Profile Evaluation to find out more.

Is ThinkersBox a tuition centre?

No, we are not a tuition centre and we do not teach subjects or school content. We train children to have the right skills so they can succeed within and beyond the classroom.

What does ThinkersBox teach?

We do not ‘teach’ any particular subjects. Through our customised modules and activities, we train children to exercise and practice key skills to improve their overall intellectual capability; such as being able to focus for longer periods of time, be more careful in their work, grasp concepts faster, retain more of what they learned, etc.

What is your programmme based on?

Our programme is based on the ‘Structure of Intellect’ (SI) theory and approach by Dr. J.P Guilford. It extends over 70 years of theory, scientific research and application. It guides our basis for understanding each child’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted solutions to improve their overall profile.

How does the programme/training help in my child's school results and learning?

When a child is able to focus and listen well, grasp learning quickly, be careful in their work, remember what they have learned and apply their knowledge; they will be more effective and engaged in their learning, leading to better performance.

However, our main focus is to help each child acquire these key lifelong skills for their success beyond the classroom.

Do you teach problem sums / comprehension/ spelling (any specific area of school work)?

As we are not a tuition centre and do not teach subjects and content, we would not be covering school-related tasks or work in our classes.

However, we train children to have the right skills to learn more effectively and therefore help them to manage these school tasks better.

How do you measure the improvements?

Formal diagnostic assessments are done at start and end of each term. A comprehensive report will be provided for the assessment.

During the programme period, we encourage parents to observe for actual improvements in terms of their child’s learning attitude, confidence level, behaviours and performance.

How long before we can see improvements?

Depending on each child’s profile and where they start, results may start to show within the first term of the programme (20 lessons, about 5-6 months).

Some parents report improvements as soon as the 2nd ~ 3rd month of the programme, while some parents wait to see school results at periodic intervals.

What kind of work do they do in class?

Our programmes are customised and therefore each child in the class may be doing something different at the same time.

Our activities and modules focus on being challenging, fun and stimulating the child to practice their abilities to process, think, reason, observe and remember.

We encourage and promote independent and self-driven learning in our class.

What are the qualifications of your trainers?

Our team of passionate and committed trainers are carefully selected through a stringent process, with minimum diploma qualifications relating to Early Childhood, Psychology, Education and/or Counselling.

Comprehensive theoretical and hands-on training are provided to equip our trainers with the right skills and knowledge to help the children effectively.

How long is the programme? and frequency?

Our programme goes by each term of 20 lessons, at 1.5hours/lesson (about 5-6 months/term)
Students usually attend up to 3 terms and graduate from the programme once they achieve good performance on their learning abilities.

What are your class days/timings?

For our Bugis centre, we conduct classes Fridays-Sundays.

For our Tampines centre, we conduct classes Saturdays-Sundays.

Outlets’ class timing varies, do drop us an email to find out more.

How old are the kids in your programme? How are they grouped?

Our programme is suitable for children aged 5-12 years old.

Age groups are a general guideline for class assignment. Child’s ability will be taken into consideration upon comprehensive pre-term assessment.

What is the class size? trainer:student ratio?

Our class can accommodate up to 12 children with 2 trainers assigned. The ratio is about 1 trainer to 6 children.

Will there be homework given?

All assigned work will be completed during class.

However, in cases where we notice a child having difficulty in a particular area, we may then recommend some home activities for parents to practice with their child.

These home activities will generally be easy-to-implement and tap on resources that are easily available to parents.

What if my child has ADHD (or any other special needs/learning concerns)?

We are not a therapy or remediation centre. We look beyond the learning condition/concern and seek to understand the gap(s) in the child’s intellectual skills. We focus on helping the child to build stronger and more effective skills to learn successfully.

What is the Initial Brain Profile about?

It is a basic evaluation covering 3 key skills. It will help find out how your child is focusing, how careful is he/she in their work and how much information they are retaining.

From the results, you may better understand your child’s needs and how we can help.

Register for our Initial Brain Profile to find out more.

What happens if my child is sick or missed a lesson?

For each term (20 lessons), we will provide 2 make-ups by extension basis (i.e lesson 21 & 22)
For official MCs, we will provide additional make-up.

If your child is unable to attend a lesson, you may inform us via email/call/sms/in-person.

What are your fees / charges?

We provide different payment options for our programmes. On average, our fees range from $100-$125/lesson.

Is there any discount if I sign up more than 1 child?

Our fees are as per child. We do offer sibling discount when more than 1 child is signing up.

There are also different payment options for parents to choose based on their preference(discount varies based on chosen option).

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