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Our Online Brain Booster Training Programme utilizes a scientifically backed approach to stimulate key cognitive functions and improve brain performance. With a patented teaching methodology. we help our young learners strengthen key cognitive skills required for everyday learning. Through an integrated blend of progressive and challenging mental training exercises. students will experience improvements to their mental performance and enhance their overall learning efficiency.

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Our personalised brain training programme in Singapore is a 30-hours intensive cognitive training class (once a week, 1.5 hours per session) designed for children aged 5-12 years old.

Register for a  1.5-hours Brain Boosting Session today and discover your child’s intellectual potential!

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Our range of short booster programmes are designed to give a critical boost to key areas to enhance overall performance.

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Parents are their child(ren)’s best teacher!

At ThinkersBox, we promote active parental participation through hands-on interactive workshops to help parents understand how to further enhance their child’s development.

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ThinkersBox goes to Schools!

Working closely with school partners, our programmes complement the school’s current curriculum to boost the students’ overall learning capabilities.

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Nurture a BRAIN-SMART child. Activate your child’s key cognitive abilities to help them become FOCUSED and FAST learners!

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