Brain Development Program for Children in Singapore

What ThinkersBox Does

At ThinkersBox, we are more than just academics and grades.

Our brain enrichment classes in Singapore are laying the critical foundations of our children’s future – a future where they will be confident, successful and effective individuals who can achieve their full potential.

As our world continues to evolve, our kids will grow up in a world very different from ours. In the modern world, textbook knowledge and basic paper qualifications will no longer guarantee success. What will truly set your child apart and make them stand out from the crowd is the effective use of their intellectual power – to be able to learn new knowledge quickly, think critically, find solutions to problems, being focused on their goals and the ability to create. This is where ThinkersBox’s brain training classes in Singapore come in.

By laying a strong intellectual foundation from a young age, we are giving our children the GIFT of FUTURE SUCCESS. At ThinkersBox, we help children become BRAIN-Ready for a BRIGHT Future with our fun and innovative brain exercises for kids in Singapore.

Look beyond grades, invest in your child’s future NOW by joining our brain training courses in Singapore!

Register for a 2-hours Brain Boosting Session to discover your child’s intellectual potential


Help Your Child Be an ACE Learner


A comprehensive cognitive assessment will help understand your child's unique cognitive strengths and areas for improvements.


Targeted and personalised brain training modules for children will enhance your child’s overall brain development and boost their brain capabilities for higher performance.


Upon completion of our brain-based training, a post evaluation will highlight areas of improvements.


FOR 2-hours Brain Boosting Session

5 Reasons to choose ThinkersBox


Our brain development programme is backed by more than 60 years of solid scientific brain research and application


Our brain training courses have proven track records and statistics from MOE schools in Singapore


We recognise and understand each child as an individual with unique strengths and weaknesses


Our customised approach allows us to track individual progress and pace each child accordingly


Our in-house worksheets and software are developed in accordance to the developmental needs of our students and are not available for purchase off-the-shelf

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