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When I came to you sometime in May 2011, I was at wit’s end as Janelle was already in P3 and was not interested in reading at all and she also could not focus for prolonged period. Lacking in interest in reading affected her command of the English language. She did not have a wide vocabulary, was using simple sentences and was not doing well for Math and Science too.

After one year, her post-programme result showed tremendous improvement in most areas. In the past, she would never read beyond 2 pages, now she reads 1 to 2 books a day. After some time, I was also pleasantly surprised when she started using ‘big’ vocabs in her daily conversations.

Academically, her recent SA2 results also showed a tremendous improvement for all her subjects. She scored 26 for her Math in SA1 and in the recent SA2 she got a 77! For English and Science her marks used to hover around 50+ to 60+, in SA2 she got above 80 for both subjects! Thank you for helping Janelle.

Mrs Kok, Mum of Janelle Kok
Mrs Chong testimonial

ThinkersBox had been very useful to Jia En since she joined the programme at Primary 4. Before she attended the programme, she would always miss a few words when she was reading due to her carelessness. After attending the programme, she could read without missing out any words and took her tasks more carefully.

Also, she became more attentive in class and more focused in completing her tasks.
Furthermore, her examination results had improved. The games of the programme were not only interesting, they also helped Jia En understand and improve in different areas such as her memory capabilities. The teachers are friendly and approachable

Mrs Choong, Mum of Choong Jia En
Mrs Wong testimonial

Isabelle was a very distracted child when she started with ThinkersBox at K2. She was always dreamy and found it difficult to focus for longer than 5 minutes. In preparation for P1, we decided to enroll her into ThinkersBox program at a friend’s recommendation.

From various good quality games and a personalized 40 weeks programme, Isabelle entered P1 with the ability to focus at least 45 mins at a stretch and copy down instructions from the board with much more confidence. Her weekly spelling scores went from 40 marks to 90 marks consistently.

With confidence, she was also able to grasp math concepts and new vocabulary with less procrastination and hesitation. We can see her gradual progress to become a self-learner.

Despite an enrichment centre that is not academically-geared, ThinkersBox’s passionate teachers and programme has equipped Isabelle with skills essential for her to do well in and outside of school.

Mrs Wong, Mum of Isabelle Wong

ThinkersBox has helped Matthew to be more focused and more able to understand concepts. His Maths capability improved tremendously, as did his English vocabulary and his grammar. He scored 241 in his PSLE, only 2 marks shy from the highest in his class.

It has also helped him become a more sociable and confident person.

As for Jonathan, he has also enjoyed the programme very much. ThinkersBox has helped Jonathan improve his understanding of Maths concept, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.

The good quality games the boys get to play were very fun and engaging. ThinkersBox has helped my children not just in one area but in many areas of their lives. An all-rounded programme, with great teachers to boast.

Thank you ThinkersBox

Mrs Tan, Mum of Matthew and Jonathan Tan

Boon Yee is more confident in tackling tasks and showing an interest to learn.

Andy Lee, Daddy Blogger @ SengKangBabies

I am heartened to know that the programmes at ThinkersBox are knowledge driven rather than product driven and are tailored to each child’s strengths and weakness.

Kelvin Ang, Daddy Blogger @ CheekieMonkies

Nicole thoroughly enjoys her time at Thinkersbox as the emphasis is not on academic work. She looks forward to the games and activities as she gets to challenge herself to complete each task.
The skills learnt have been vital in her daily school work. She’s more attentive and definitely less forgetful! 

Jia Hui, Mummy Blogger @ MumseWord and Edmund, Daddy Blogger @ Edunloaded

The programme has taught me the skills to boost up my brain speed and this has helped me in my mental sums as I am now able to react to the questions in a better way. The puzzle and pattern games that are used in class has improved my understanding of mathematical questions. I am now able to use the skills that I am taught in solving my schoolwork.

Thank you, ThinkersBox.

Nicholas Lam, Ex-student

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