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When I came to you sometime in May 2011, I was at wit’s end as Janelle was already in P3 and was not interested in reading at all and she also could not focus for prolonged period.

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Mrs Chong testimonial

ThinkersBox had been very useful to Jia En since she joined the programme at Primary 4. Before she attended the programme, she would always miss a few words when she was reading due to her carelessness.

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Mrs Wong testimonial

Isabelle was a very distracted child when she started with ThinkersBox at K2. She was always dreamy and found it difficult to focus for longer than 5 minutes. In preparation for P1, we decided to enroll her into ThinkersBox program at a friend’s recommendation.

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ThinkersBox has helped Matthew to be more focused and more able to understand concepts. His Maths capability improved tremendously, as did his English vocabulary and his grammar. He scored 241 in his PSLE, only 2 marks shy from the highest in his class.

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Boon Yee is more confident in tackling tasks and showing an interest to learn.

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I am heartened to know that the programmes at ThinkersBox are knowledge driven rather than product driven and are tailored to each child’s strengths and weakness.

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Nicole thoroughly enjoys her time at Thinkersbox as the emphasis is not on academic work. She looks forward to the games and activities as she gets to challenge herself to complete each task.

Read More Jia Hui, Mummy Blogger @ MumseWord and Edmund, Daddy Blogger @ Edunloaded
Nicholas Lam

The programme has taught me the skills to boost up my brain speed and this has helped me in my mental sums as I am now able to react to the questions in a better way.

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