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A Casual Conversation – Changes in Education & Degree of Parental Involvement

Recently, we had the chance to work with teachers from another organisation and we were sharing our experiences about how students learn and pick up new knowledge. We came to the topic of parental involvement in learning and did a comparison of back then and now.

Back then as in 10-35 years ago.

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Music Rhythm and Cognition

Music is a way of expression and very often, it can reflect and share emotions such as love, joy, anger, and sadness. Every ethnic culture will also have their own music, where they weave it into dances, songs and instruments.

So with music in our lives, how does it affect us?

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Creativity Play & Growing Up

Instead of always saying ‘Use your brain!’,  it is always nicer and more fun when you hear ‘Use your imagination!

These days, children spend so much time on watching screens that it has robbed them of their creativity and imagination. Not all TV is bad, but too much screen time will disallow children to participate in their own creativity and imagination and in return children will be at the passive end of receiving visual and auditory stimulation.

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