The ThinkersBox Story

We had a vision. A vision to provide our next generation with a different approach to learning, much different compared to the rote-based and memorisation type of learning that we ourselves were brought up in.

In 2006, such an opportunity presented itself with support from the government.
We believe the future of effective and successful learning is not about more drilling, more practice on the same ol’ questions or more content.

We believe the FUTURE of learning starts in the foundation of our BRAINS.

Thus, the birth of ThinkersBox. Our focus from the very first day is about helping every child develop strong intellectual skills for success in life (regardless of their background)

These intellectual skills also called cognitive skills are fundamental brain processes that enable each of us to receive, process, understand, retain, analyse incoming and outgoing information. It is what helps us make sense of the world!

At ThinkersBox, we lay a strong BRAIN foundation for children to:

  • Have good focus and attention
  • Grasp and learn information faster
  • Be careful and observant
  • Have good reasoning and judgement
  • Retain and remember information
  • Form strong connections between ideas
  • Have good application of learning
  • Think creatively and solve problems

Giving our children these key abilities will not only make them a more engaged and confident learner in their school years but also build a strong foundation for their future success.
Taking a long-term perspective towards our children’s success, we look beyond the scores for this week’s spelling test or this year’s exams and extend that vision to helping each child become a confident, happy and successful individual.

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