Based on the Structure of Intellect Theory (SI) (Dr. J.P Guilford, 1940), it is identified that each of us has a unique composition of intellectual capabilities ~ much like our own individual brain map.

Using comprehensive diagnostic tools, we assess to understand each child’s underlying intellectual capabilities and performance.

From the assessment, it provides us key insights into how the child best understands information, how fast they process new knowledge, how they make decisions and judgements, how flexible and creative they are, how well they problem-solve and remember information.

With the assessment results, targeted modules are provided to train and improve specific areas to help enhance the child’s overall brain/intellectual profile.

A trained and qualified brain coach will guide the students to work through the assigned modules and tasks during the sessions.

Combining a scientifically-backed and knowledge-driven approach, our proprietary and exclusive centre-based and bring-home materials support each child as a unique individual and helps them to build a strong BRAIN foundation for success beyond grades.

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