Parents’ Workshop

Parents are their child(ren)’s best teacher!

At ThinkersBox, we promote active parental participation through hands-on interactive workshops to help parents understand how to further enhance their child’s development.

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1.5-hours Trial with Brain-Boosting Activities

Nurture a BRAIN-SMART child. Activate your child’s key cognitive abilities to help them become FOCUSED and FAST learners!

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Creativity Cubes

*Recommended for ages 6+ and up*

Multi-dimensional cubes created to develop key brain abilities for better learning

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Balancing Bear

*Recommended for ages 5+ and up*

A fun brain challenge for the entire family!

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Stack & Match Colourful Dominoes

*Recommended for ages 4+ and up*

Simple domino pieces provide endless fun for brain building activities

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Maths Cubes

*Recommended for ages 4+ and up*

Works on fundamental maths abilities for little ones

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Stacking Sea Otter

*Recommended for ages 3+ and up*

Builds focus, motor skills and visual observation skills

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Chopsticks Finger Fun

*Recommended for ages 6+ and up*

Have fun while teaching your child about chopstick manners

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