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Mrs Wong testimonial

Isabelle was a very distracted child when she started with ThinkersBox at K2. She was always dreamy and found it difficult to focus for longer than 5 minutes. In preparation for P1, we decided to enroll her into ThinkersBox program at a friend’s recommendation.

From various good quality games and a personalized 40 weeks programme, Isabelle entered P1 with the ability to focus at least 45 mins at a stretch and copy down instructions from the board with much more confidence. Her weekly spelling scores went from 40 marks to 90 marks consistently.

With confidence, she was also able to grasp math concepts and new vocabulary with less procrastination and hesitation. We can see her gradual progress to become a self-learner.

Despite an enrichment centre that is not academically-geared, ThinkersBox’s passionate teachers and programme has equipped Isabelle with skills essential for her to do well in and outside of school.


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