When I came to you sometime in May 2011, I was at wit’s end as Janelle was already in P3 and was not interested in reading at all and she also could not focus for prolonged period. Lacking in interest in reading affected her command of the English language. She did not have a wide vocabulary, was using simple sentences and was not doing well for Math and Science too.

After one year, her post-programme result showed tremendous improvement in most areas. In the past, she would never read beyond 2 pages, now she reads 1 to 2 books a day. After some time, I was also pleasantly surprised when she started using ‘big’ vocabs in her daily conversations.

Academically, her recent SA2 results also showed a tremendous improvement for all her subjects. She scored 26 for her Math in SA1 and in the recent SA2 she got a 77! For English and Science her marks used to hover around 50+ to 60+, in SA2 she got above 80 for both subjects! Thank you for helping Janelle.


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