Brain Booster Class – 2020
Online Brain Booster Programme (E-Learning)

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Programme Dates: Nov – Dec 2020
Frequency: Varies by age level
No. of Sessions: 6
Age Group: 7-12 years old (P1 – P6)

**Min. class size per level: 6 students
**Max. class size per level: 10 students


  • 1 X laptop/desktop with Zoom account downloaded
  • Stable internet connection
  • Headphone/Earpiece with a working microphone
  • Table and chair for child
  • Writing materials (pencil and exercise book)

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2. Make payment via your preferred mode (GrabPay / Paynow)

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There will be 4 key areas of focus for the online class:

(i) Memory Skill

o Expand memory capacity for retention of learning

(ii) Focus Skill

o Improve concentration span and stamina to stay on task longer
o Enhance the ability to eliminate external stimulation and distraction

(iii) Visual Skill

o Improve carefulness towards tasks (reduce carelessness)
o Enhance the ability to sustain scanning and visual tracking for better reading

(iv) Processing Speed

o Increase speed of learning and comprehension o Boosts speed of thinking

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