Short Booster Programmes For Longer Attention Spans

concentration boosting classes singaporeOur range of short booster programmes are designed to give a critical boost to key areas to enhance overall performance.

Concentration Improvement Classes in Singapore

With ThinkersBox, your child will be coached by our experts to think and learn effectively. When a child cannot concentrate well, they often lose confidence in their ability to persevere with school work. Our concentration improvement classes will help your child strengthen and develop a stronger attention span towards learning. Before enrolling in one of our concentration boosting classes in Singapore, we recommend that you give your child a trial session. These trial sessions give parents a good snapshot of the child’s overall learning and concentration abilities and offer a better idea of which boosting class the child will benefit from the most. Our attention boosting classes will provide long-term value for your child. Through practical and scientifically-backed methods, ThinkersBox will equip your child with the tools they need to become future-ready and brain-smart. Our booster programmes are intensive, highly-targeted and stimulating training sessions usually conducted during the school holiday periods. Booster Programmes range in duration from 3 days to 3 weeks long.

  1. Intensive Attention Booster Class (5-12 years old)
  2. Fast Thinking Booster Class (5-12 years old)
  3. Visual Thinking Booster Class (5-12 years old)
  4. PSLE – Boost My Brain Performance Intensive Class (11-12 years old)
  5. Brain Boost Play Camp (5-9 years old)

  • Booster Programmes only available at HQ (North Bridge Centre)
  • Schedule and availability of booster programmes may vary based on holiday calendars

If you have any questions about our concentration improvement classes and programmes in Singapore, please fill out an online enquiry form below. Alternatively, you can always give us a call. Our friendly, professional team will answer your query as soon as possible.

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