Initial Brain Profile


Ever wondered why your child is distracted? Or why they make silly careless mistakes or even seem to forget what they have just learnt?

Discover your child’s unique brain capabilities through scientifically-backed cognitive assessments.

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*ONLY for children aged 5-12 years old, minimum in Kinder 1 this year*

The Initial Brain Profile Test will cover 3 abilities:

  1. Visual Discrimination: How careful and observant is your child with details?
  2. Visual Memory: How much can your child retain what he/she has learnt?
  3. Auditory Attention: How well can your child focus and pay attention?

Based on the results of this brief profile test, you would gain a better understanding of your child’s strengths and areas for improvements.

Join us for the session if you want to help your child achieve the following:

  • Learn new knowledge faster
  • Be more focused towards tasks
  • Make better connections between ideas and words
  • More observant and careful in their work
  • Retain information more effectively
  • Read more fluently and efficiently
  • Follow the pace of teaching effectively
  • Apply thinking and reasoning to work given
  • More confident and high interest in learning

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